Writing good content itself needs a lot of concentration and hard work and the other important aspect that goes in sync with this is: how can that piece of content get traffic.

I already explained with my last blog post that what all things should be considered while writing content. So now coming to the hidden agenda behind writing content; we are writing to attract our visitors or we can say like that we are looking to get more traffic with our content.

Traffic which includes clicks from both our targeted audience and random audience has to be worked around in order to convert the click from our target audience to be our customer.

So now that comes to something very important and it is that now writing is focused on to get more traffic from our targeted audience.

To begin with what could help us in getting more traffic from our content, the basics still remains the same: it’s the quality of content that attracts readers?  Taking care of few points can help us get more traffic over our content and they are as following:

Meeting your customer’s need:

Excellent customer satisfaction must start with understanding customer expectations. You need to know who your customers are and what they want.

know your customer

The goal here is to not just meet customer expectations; it should be to ‘wow’ customers and exceed them. When you exceed expectations, you create an experience that the customer remembers. This experience is often passed onto friends who generates word of mouth referrals and can help create a positive impression of your company.

Utilizing SEO:

The best way to get that traffic to your website is by utilizing SEO.  Your customers you want driven to your website is already online searching within your market.  It is your job to make sure your website appears before them. So with a content written with proper keywords stuffing will attract customers searching for the keywords found in your content.  This will enable the customer to come to you without having to seek them out.

Call to Action:

The call to action is the way you will drive people to take advantage of your service/offer. The call to action needs to capture attention and persuade someone to click.   A good call to action will contain the following:

Short, clear, and to the point

Explanation of why the customer will benefit

Links to the correct landing pages

These are just few techniques that will help you in driving traffic. Having a great content alone will not create the success we are looking for. In order to drive traffic you need to appeal your target audience and provide them with a reason to select your products/services.