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SEO “As a Practice for Online Business”

In today’s time, merely creating a website and establishing it online isn’t enough. You need to be found by digital users who are searching for the kind of services offered by your business locally or globally. As Google processes zillions of searches each and every day, the vast majority of searchers never look beyond the first page. If your company is not at the top of the rankings, you are losing a big chunk of business. We know how to spread our wings to ensure you from the competition while keeping your business on the top of it.

Benefits of working with us:

A strong SEO is the backbone of any business; it could help to improve sales and revenue. In fact, search engine optimization is essential to increase your organic search score and improve the website’s ranking on search engines.

custom seo services

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Our 5 step SEO process ensures that your business gets the most out of our services.


Our team of SEO experts carry out an initial and essential analysis of your online business model, marketing and overall performance. Based upon, we provide you a complete roadmap for your project’s success.


We optimize each page while checking so many on page factors to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.


When you join hands with the best SEO company then you have the right to know what you are paying for. We don’t believe in keeping secrets and we are proud of our work. We keep you posted every step of the way.


We draft a customized SEO strategy as per your business need. We mapped out search engine activities to drive qualified traffic to your website, that helps to improve your conversion rate and boost your online revenue.


Now this is the time to start promotion of your website with many methods like link building, content distribution & social media marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve answered the most common questions asked while hiring any SEO company.

Being a reliable, cost-effective, and professional SEO company in the industry, DexDel has been providing the best SEO services since 2011 with a team of experienced professional SEO experts and globally served clients. Our SEO services include local SEO services, national SEO, international SEO, technical SEO, E-commerce SEO, Amazon SEO, and much more. We believe in giving great results and helping organizations achieve their SEO goals.

Jumping straight to the front of Google’s results generally takes 90-180 days depending upon the keywords popularity and competitiveness of your industry. There is no rocket science for placing your website at the top of a Google search. But, factors like Domain age, Keyword competition, content quality and quality backlinks play an important role in the ranking process. SEO is a gradual and continuous process and we only use white-hat techniques to get websites on the first page of Google.

Correct measurement of SEO success can vary and depending upon the type of business you are in and your set business goals. We always take care of the three KPIs – rankings, traffic and conversions while measuring SEO campaign effectiveness. Tracking these KPIs not just allows in measuring the SEO campaigns’ current performance but also gives actionable data to help you make the right decisions to ensure its success in future.

Choosing the right budget number would depend upon the size of your business, your current sales and how long you have been in business. Percentage of revenue, fixed budgets and return on investment, all these factors need to be given due consideration in order to pick the ideal marketing budget for your business to prosper and flourish in the near future.

No one can guarantee to get a higher position on Google. Beware of SEO companies that claim to guarantee rankings, as Google’s algorithm changes frequently. DexDel is a leading SEO services company and we have a massive track record of delivering top-notch results to our clients globally, using ethical/smart custom SEO strategies.

Most of our work is in the code or content of each and every page. Usually, no structural or design changes will require to be made to optimize your website well. Generally, many of our clients want to have the staff to make the desired modifications but our team can also provide directives if you would like to get it done internally.

Indeed, we have been pretty successful at getting rid of all types of Google penalties for our local and global clients. If your website is facing any sort of such issue, do consult with our digital marketing expert to understand what all it requires to get the website back in its excellent state.

What really makes us apart from the competition is our commitment to generating sales and leads for your venture whether it’s a startup, business or corporation. We are led by industry’s best experts who have been performing SEO for a lot of US, UK and Canada clients.

We use tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends, SEMRush, ahrefs and Screaming Frog.

Backlinks are the backbone of a website and they are divided into high-quality backlinks and low-quality backlinks. These backlinks affect your website’s rankings in good or bad ways. Creating spammy links will not let you go far and choosing quality over quantity is a must if you want to succeed in SEO.


Our Clients Say

“As always, well done. Thank you team DexDel for an awesome job. On time every time, and did exactly as I asked (plus some)! Thanks DexDel!”
Cole Summer
Our traffic has increased by 57% since Dexdel worked on our website, and we got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page. Our high-competitive keywords have improved by an average of 18 positions during our time with Dexdel. If you’re seeking the best SEO Agency in San Jose, look no further!
Matthew Carson