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Get ready to bring your businesses to the top of the search engines with DexDel. As the pioneer SEO agency in Fremont, CA, we take pride in helping companies enhance their online presence with our top-notch SEO services. Our team of professional experts has years of experience helping businesses climb to the top of search engine rankings with our advanced strategies.

Since 2011, our dedicated SEO services in Fremont, CA have helped our clients generate over $1.5 billion in revenue. This remarkable achievement is one of the key reasons why 92% of businesses maintain an ongoing partnership with us beyond the initial 12 months.

Are you ready to boost your revenue through our SEO services? At DexDel, you can experience the power of strategic SEO that drives results. Contact one of our SEO experts by filling out our contact form or calling us at +1 (510)-722-7972 to learn more.


Services We Offer

Accelerate your revenue from local search with DexDel’s local SEO service. Our offerings encompass: Local Competitor Analysis, Building and Monitoring Local Citations, Publishing and Optimizing Localized Website Content, Optimizing and Managing Your Google My Business Account, Tracking Your Campaigns, Analytics Tracking and Reporting.

Enhance your site speed, fix search engine crawling and indexing, and watch your revenue soar with our specialized technical SEO services. Our team executes crucial tactics, encompassing: Robots.Txt files, sitemaps, site navigation, mobile friendliness, security, URL Structure, Page Speed, Internal Linking, and Structure Data.

We improve your search engine rankings by relying heavily on backlinks. We create high-quality backlinks from sites that have good domain authority to make your website rank higher. Our expertise lies in enhancing your site’s content and visibility, leading to improved rankings and increased revenue.

At DexDel, our team works with several e-commerce-targeted SEO practices to help your website grow organically. With our Ecommerce SEO services, we aim to enhance your online visibility and maximize your sales and profits. Our dedicated team is committed to elevating your online presence, ensuring that your sales soar and your profitability skyrockets.

At DexDel, our YouTube optimization services are designed to boost your channel’s performance, increasing views, likes, comments, and subscribers. Our experienced team employs a comprehensive approach to enhance your video’s reach and engagement. We achieve this through keyword research, optimizing video thumbnails, crafting compelling video titles, refining video descriptions, and video tag optimization.

Elevate your website’s performance with our expert On-Page SEO services, compatible with any Content Management System (CMS). Our On-Page SEO experts have successfully optimized hundreds of pages, empowering clients across diverse industries to enhance their site’s visibility on Search Engine Result Pages.

SEO Process

As one of the locality’s finest SEO agencies, we have developed a dynamic process designed to elevate your online presence. Our comprehensive process of simple steps ensures your presence remains on top of an ever-evolving digital landscape. Prepare to reach new heights with our tailored SEO strategy!

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Why Choose DexDel as Your Fremont SEO Agency?

Proven Track Record of Success

Affordable Pricing

At DexDel, our primary goal is to provide our clients with high-quality, reliable, cost-effective services. We are committed to delivering competitive solutions that significantly enhance our clients’ return on investment (ROI). Several SEO companies in Fremont, CA offer online SEO services solely for profit, with little regard for their clients’ results. On the other hand, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled value to businesses worldwide through our pricing model.

Proven Track Record of Success

Results-Oriented Work

At DexDel, our primary goal is to deliver measurable outcomes to our clients. We work closely with them to understand their business objectives and create customized SEO strategies that increase website traffic and drive success. Our top priorities are your satisfaction and achieving your business goals. Pricing is a secondary consideration for us, as our focus is solely on your success.

Proven Track Record of Success

Commitment to Transparency

At DexDel, unwavering transparency is a cornerstone of our SEO services. We firmly believe transparency is the key to trust between us and our SEO clients. Our commitment to transparency is exemplified through Monthly Reporting – which encompasses our monthly link-building activities, clearly indicating where links have been created, and Analytics Reporting, which includes in-depth analytical insights, focusing on organic traffic and targeted keyword performance.

Proven Track Record of Success

Regular Reporting

You may see directly how our efforts boost your internet earnings, unlike other SEO companies in Fremont, CA that use deceitful tactics. You will get monthly summaries of the SEO activities we have completed, as well as up-to-date keyword rankings and Google Analytics data that provide a comprehensive insight of your site’s SEO performance. We may also compile a monthly video overview to review the SEO strategy and improvements.

Proven Track Record of Success

Resulting Relationships

Relationships and Results are the most important principles guiding our daily actions. Our unwavering support is available to all of our clients. From mom-and-pop shops to nationwide franchises, we have SEO specialists who can help your company reach new heights. Every day, we show our customers that our search engine optimization agency is serious about becoming their voice.

Proven Track Record of Success

Honesty and Integrity

In everything that we do, we prioritize honesty and integrity. Without ever spamming or otherwise manipulating the system in a manner that may get Google penalized, we stick to fair play and use white-hat SEO to get results. We firmly believe that cheating is not necessary to succeed in SEO.


Our Clients Say

We take immense pride in our commitment to client satisfaction. But you don’t need to rely solely on our word. Read what our valued clients say about their experiences working with us.

DexDel is hands down the best SEO agency in Fremont, CA! Their team’s dedication and strategic approach transformed our online visibility. They’ve consistently delivered outstanding results, surpassing all expectations. With their excellent work, our revenue increases by 22% in 2023. If you’re looking for top-notch SEO services in Fremont, look no further!”
- Jack Taylor -
Choosing Dexdel was the best decision for our business – they’re the real SEO champions! They are the best SEO agency in Fremont, CA! Their team’s dedication and innovative strategies transformed our digital presence. Thanks to them, our website saw an incredible transformation, going from 0 to 15k in just four months. They exceeded our expectations and are an invaluable partner for our online success.
- John William -
Since partnering with DexDel, our website has experienced a remarkable 64% increase in traffic. We now rank in the top 3 positions for 15 significant keywords. Their professionalism in communication is commendable, and they have undeniably made a positive impact on our business. I wholeheartedly recommend DexDel to anyone seeking high-quality SEO services in Fremont, CA.
- Sasha Jones -

Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization, or SEO, alters a website to receive more high-quality visitors from search engines rather than paid advertisements. The goal is to increase organic traffic, which means visitors who find your website via search engines and click on it. Organic traffic is highly desirable for businesses and is considered the holy grail of SEO.
SEO results vary with the professionals you choose, according to your business needs, the results you need, and much more. On average, SEO usually takes 4-12 months to show results.
Several on-page elements are needed for effective SEO, such as keyword research, page titles, headers, meta description, Alt text, schema Markup, content optimization, and Page URLs.
Yes, More weight is given to off-page factors than on-page ones when determining rankings, with backlinks being the most significant off-page factors.
However, if we talk about basic SEO, you can do it no matter what. About getting the maximum results with effective rankings and making your business site as per Google’s algorithm, hiring an SEO agency in Fremont, CA can help. Such agencies are well-versed with the latest technologies, knowledge, and tools to make your website rank higher.