www.nottscars.co.uk is a popular UK based local Taxi and Minibus Service provider in Nottingham and surrounding areas, but it’s online competitive market space is packed with competitors on in the region.

Website wasn’t following the Search Engine guidelines and was not optimized properly for a great user experience. Moreover its online presence (Search engine ranking and traffic) was also very minimal. Client had approved our Local SEO recommendation for effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and better website UX as well. Client was looking to get organic ranking and leads.

Website was lacking in lot of areas along with having issues like duplicate content and services were also not optimized effectively.

DexDel devised a local SEO strategy to optimize the website and complete these five key goals:

  1. Increase new, relevant website organic ranking & traffic
  2. Increase potential customer base & make them returning customers
  3. Increase the number of leads
  4. Increase the business
  5. Increase brand visibility via optimizing more keywords

Business Solution:

DexDel immediately focused on to fix duplicate content issues along with all other important aspects for better performance of the website and improved local SEO results. The execution involved a lot of improvement in the areas like: URL structure, Navigation, Headings, Content, Images and Schemas in the website. The meta tags were required to be updated & optimized on all landing pages as well as all the service related pages on the basis of local audience queries. We put accurate work and metas on the entire website were also updated within a month. Additionally all other aspects of Search Engine Optimization were also considered to make is user friendly & engaging.

Targeted Search Engine:

  • Google UK (www.google.co.uk)
  • Bing UK (www.bing.com)


DexDel delivered momentous results to the client by meeting the desired return on investment positively. Using effective strategies to get better organic SEO results, as well as providing more attention to higher converting local keywords/search terms & addressing audience queries, allowed us to effectively increase visibility and construct an incredible increase in relevant local ranking & traffic to the website. Regular testing and tracking through analytics were crucial to produce a higher ROI and increase awareness for our client’s brand and its services in the targeted areas. Kindly refer to some of the stats as

– Brought majority of keywords on first page & position in google.co.uk

Some of the top ranked keywords and their positions including local ranking:

Minibus Nottingham #1
Minibus Company Nottingham #2
Minibus Hire Nottingham #2
Airport Taxi Nottingham #10
Taxi Nottingham #5
Taxi Service Nottingham #9