Words have always been an essential part of any communication whether it is between people or it is between a human and a computer.

Well, isn’t that interesting, just imagine the importance of words that now we are able to communicate even with Google. Only the difference here is that Google considers those words as key factors and hence has termed them as KEY WORDS.

The words which help any search engine UNDERSTAND what a customer is searching for or looking for, a product or a service, are termed as KEYWORDS. The whole process of communication between people and Search engine is based upon these KEYWORDS. Like human actions these keywords to define a particular behavior of people towards any service or product which is being provided on the INTERNET.

For an instance, as a customer you are looking to buy a pair of shoes on INTERNET and Google is the sales representative, who’ll provide you with all the info, data, facts, images and even price for all the Brands, Size and Type of shoes. Just imagine the DATA which Google has to provide you with, WOW exactly that is what Google has been doing. But without a customer’s KEYWORD even Google cannot show results.

So as a customer you communicate with Google through the KEYWORD and that KEYWORD is based upon;

– the type of shoes[PRODUCT] you are looking for (sports, formal, daily wear, trendy)

– the BRAND (Reebok, Nike, Puma), linked with PRICE

– Most Importantly the PLACE, i.e. the website (Amazon, Flip kart, Local Retailer)

– In the end, something which is as per latest fashion trend [PROMOTION]

(bingo the 4 P’s of Marketing, being used online)

So these all factors end up giving a KEYWORD to the consumer, which he/she searches on Google or any other search engine.

So, if I sum up that how one should choose KEYWORDS for his/her website, ONE SHOULD THINK LIKE A CUSTOMER FIRST because diversity is a key word in the keyword world.

The foremost factor that needs to be kept in mind while choosing KEYWORDS is the USER perspective. It is because of a USER, some keywords are more competitive and difficult to rank.

While researching keywords (speaking technically), we tend to give more importance to the Website, Lucky competitors and LOCATION (well everyone wants be no one in their area) and forget those USERS who are going to be part of the REAL TRAFFIC. Therefore would like to suggest my friends, always keep your Consumers as the first parameter while searching and selecting KEYWORDS so that your consumers do not end up on some other website.

In brief, KEYWORD Research should be done while keeping your customers in mind. STICK to the basics of MARKETING, rest will follow you!!!!

I will be sharing more thoughts on some more parameters which will be useful for KEYWORD Research, STAY CONNECTED.