Planning to buy Pay-per-click advertising for your business? Well, Return on Investment is everything you would expect out of PPC campaign. With diverse settings and features to navigate through, running a successful PPC campaign is simply easier.

Small business owners and marketers should be clearly understood with certain things that help in winning PPC advertising. Here, we have outlined some best tips for you to keep at the forefront of your mind when getting started with PPC on a low budget:

Start With Your Core Products or Services

When you are starting a PPC campaign for the first time, just focus on one or two of your best products or services. When deciding on where to initiate, think about these questions. Which products or services are most popular? Which products or services have the best conversion rate? Which products or services have the highest profit margin? Make sure to keep yourself away from promoting everything your business sells because your budget may be too stretched to gain a grip.

Understand the Ad Networks and Where Ads Will Show Online

In Google AdWords, there are varied different campaigns types, however there are three main mediums for showing paid ads which most advertisers should care about. The Search Network places simple text ads in Google’s search engine results pages. The Display Network places ads across Google’s Display Network. These are traditionally static image ads, however, they can also be text ads. One of the most common errors made by advertisers on AdWords is targeting more than one network at one point of time. It is imperative to target only one ad network per campaign.

Geotarget Your Best Areas

According to the campaign, advertisers can Geotarget ads to particular regions. In the campaign settings, advertisers can easily target searchers geographically by country, state, country, city and zip code. Radius targeting is also available around specific addresses get even more granular.

Manage Mobile Bids

Depending upon your business, visitors on Smartphones may be highly valuable to you. On the other hand, your website may have poor conversion rates from mobile device users. As found in the Settings>Devices tab within your campaign, you can adjust bids for impression on mobile devices.

Keep Ads Simple

Keep your text ads simple and your text ad should contain keywords from the corresponding ad group. Matching the keywords in an ad group along with the ad text will help you with relevancy and Quality Score.

Track Conversions

One of the great advantages of PPC campaign is the ability to precisely track individual clicks to conversions and sales. Calculating a true return on investment is more realistic for advertisers who set up conversion tracking. You can utilize AdWords’ build in tracking, Google Analytics goal or a third-party web analytics tracking platform.

Don’t Set It and Forget It

One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced advertisers make is creating their campaigns, setting them live and then never gets to look into them.