Having a website is not enough to convert traffic into potential customers. One might be offering excellent services and quality products, that is not sufficient to increase instant traffic or leads. Every business needs extra efforts and time to reach on the height of success. Most business people use the latest techniques and tools to make their business visible to everyone. SEO technique is one of them, that is very helpful to get more traffic and leads on your website.

I understand that several marketing tools have the potential to drive a lot of traffic, but how do we know it’s the right kind of traffic?. Similarly, How do we know that traffic will turn into revenue?. There is no doubt that SEO is perfect for increasing lead, but what about the revenue. Should the leads that we get, are worth to us? Not completely!

Think of your website as a party. You organized a party and have invited many people for the same, but your aim is that people who are coming to your party they should have a good time too. From total 150 people that came, 100 people at your party were bored and 50 people were having a fantastic time. Now, the point is that why the 100 not get satisfied by you. Similarly, in the case of a website, 100 people stop your site or leave before taking any action and 50 people come and become customers.

That is what the Conversion Rate Optimization is exactly done. It is a process of optimizing and analyzing your website to raise your conversion rate. Simply, it is the process of converting a website visitor into a customer through a successful online experience. The main goal is the highest possible percentage of visitors to your site to convert, or complete your desired action. This technique is quickly gaining the popularity as it increases profits from sales without raising your advertising spend. It is a term that includes everything you need to do with your marketing and website, that influence people to act.

Sometimes just a small pull can lead to significant improvement in conversion rate. However, sometimes it need complete focus and creative techniques. Combination of small and big tweaks can bring dramatic increase in your results.

Do A/B Testing:

A/B testing is a simple way to test or analyze your current design (A) against changes to your page (B). That will help you to determine which one produces the most positive results. This technique is basically used to identify which version will increase an outcome of interest. For example, you get 50% of the incoming traffic to page A and 50% to page B. Both pages have similar traffic or a call to action, then count how many people took the action in the end.

Arrange a sales funnel:

Most people might be just browsing or come to see something interesting or trendy. They are not psychologically ready or not in a hurry to buy all time. There are only a few people who browse to buy something on immediate basis. However, Sometimes you kill your conversion rate by direct asking for the sale. Instead of asking for a Signup or a purchase, a demo or a free trail, or something interesting about your products or brand, can bring significant improvement in conversions. That’s why it is important to make a hierarchy, so that the visitors can automatically get attracted to take every next step.

Increase Trust:

Trust is an another important factor that is very helpful to improve your website conversion rate. Sometimes visitors found that the product is good and it’s a really great deal. But they probably wouldn’t still buy it. Why? There are four reasons: no trust, no need, no money, or not in a hurry. The last three reasons are impossible to solve. However, you can build the trust by adding some trust factors to your website and see your conversion increase.

Make the buying process easy:

An easy and convenient way can encourage more people to buy from you. Create a clear and easy website so that the users can easily understand your business and your offerings. Once they visit your site, guide them what should they do next. Apart from that, help them in the overall process, give less options, offer free shipping and so on.

Communicate value:

The most common mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they do not provide enough information about their business and its products. That also distracts a person or encourage to stop or leave the site. Pictures of a product is not enough to convenience a person to order that product. No doubt a picture is a first attraction for visitors, but they need something extra that make them satisfied. Don’t make your website content so complicated. Cut the jargon and provide clear cut information.

Create a value proposition and a compelling:

The value proposition is one of the most important conversion factors, as it helps to determine the potential of your conversion rate. By focusing on strengthening their value propositions, many marketers try to improve conversion by changing page elements like font, images, colors, button shape and so on, to make it more attractive. There is a difference between the value proposition for your company and your product and you need to address both.

Address Objectives:

Whenever people read your offer or make their mind to buy something, they’ll have several questions and conscious objectives in their mind. The questions and address the concerns can uncover those hesitations in order to increase sale. The answer is to stop those objects by addressing all the possible issues in your sales copy right away.