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Top Social Media Trends That Will Dominate 2017

Social media in 2017 will be marked with several game changing trends. And here are few of them.

How social media will be like in 2017? You are not alone; there are many marketers who want to know the same thing. In 2016, we have seen the rise of Snapchat Stories, Mobile Optimization and Social Commerce.

And 2017 is going to be the year of some breakthrough social media happenings.

On the basis of recent happenings and popularity, here we have predicted the top social media trends that will rule 2017.

Live Video:

Live Video

Started off in 2016, live video is now common on every social media page, whether it’s of celebrity or common man. From Facebook Live, Periscope Pro to Instagram, there are many platforms providing live video features to a user.

Recently, Facebook has announced that it will launch 360 degree video for Facebook Live users for all pages and profiles in 2017. Interestingly, YouTube has already announced the same service to encourage more users to use live video feature.

So, live video can be the breakthrough social media trend in 2017. As a business or marketer, you must be prepared to capitalize the live video feature for your brand awareness and promotion.

Social Messaging:

Social Messaging

Whether it’s Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, social messaging apps are widely used by people than social media platforms. On the other hand, several businesses are looking forward to use social messaging apps for their customer support. For example, they would have special Chatbots to communicate with customers, answer frequently-asked questions or to provide immediate information on a product or service.

Even Facebook is going to start new feature allowing advertisers to feature the advertisement in user’s News Feed. Having clicked on the advertisement, the user will be taken directly to a chat window with the advertiser inside Messenger.

This is why social messaging apps are the potential game changing trends in 2017. Needless to say you must capitalize on that to help your customers.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality

Apart from being used for enhanced gaming and multimedia experience, virtual reality can make a mark in social networking this year. There are many reasons to think so.

The first and foremost reason is that most of the YouTube and Facebook videos come in the form of 360 VR Videos. Besides, there is a V Time, the first VR sociable network, which enables user to interact with others in virtual location. So, it can be expected that more businesses will invest in VR social networks and relating devices.

However, there is still a need to work on the costs and size of the VR sets to make them as common as mobile phones.

Artificial Intelligence:


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is all set to make huge inroads in social media marketing in 2017. This is because of the speculation of the huge investments to be made in this field. Besides, businesses are thinking to utilize “machine learning” to make their support and services more “human”, for example Chatbots.

Social Commerce:

Social Commerce

With 93 percent of people spending time on social platforms, businesses have good opportunity to take the advantage of this trend to boost their sales. For example, 31% of users reportedly made purchases on WeChat in 2016, which was twice the rate of the previous year. Twitter has launched its “buy” button while 75% of users buy something they saw on Pinterest.

With the increasing popularity of social commerce, it can be said that more people will use social media networks to buy in 2017.

Besides knowing these trends, you have also read how they can be useful for the businesses for promotion and sales. So, go ahead and include these things in your strategies for a successful social media campaign in 2017.

Top Social Media Trends That Will Dominate 2017

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