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Top 5 Online Marketing Trends Gearing Up To Rule in 2016

Every year we see a huge advancement in technology creating new trends and changing the way people do business in the digital world. We understand that online marketing industry is wide, complex and volatile, but at the same time, it is exciting for those who stay up on modern trends.

In the era of information technology, the online marketing industry is growing considerably, and gradually it has turned into a first choice for people to promote business differently. Online marketing has constantly turned out to be a considerable difference in how well a business does in this competitive era. To keep ahead and to retain their position in the market, it is necessary to adopt the latest trend and tools of online marketing. Here is a list of the top five digital marketing trends, which are very likely to dominate the 2016’s digital market.

Video Promotions Will Continue Popping:

There’s no surprise that video ads generate good revenue for business firms, with social channels like YouTube, devoted to hosting billions of videos and advertising platforms like Facebook and Bing already offering advertisers video options. However, the year 2016 is set to be different since Google is finally getting on board with the in-SERP video advertising. The trend has moved on to the mobile devices, which are presently contacting more clients with customized content. These are the signs that users are turning out to be all the more accepting of video ads on the web, and because that pattern proceeds with, hope to see more sorts of video ads popping up in more surprising spots.

Content Marketing Will Still Be Imperative:

Every business has a blog about it on the web, to create content in the context of their business to sell out their products.  We always see that the companies that maintain an active blog generate more monthly sales, opportunities or revenue than those who do not. Whatever the form of your blog content is i.e. text, visual, video or the blend of all three, it is surely going to benefit your business. The content, not just helps brands to boost digital positioning additionally attracts users toward the products and services more easily.  So undoubtedly, like previous years this year also content marketing is going play an imperative role to attract users or customers.

Mobiles Will Totally Overwhelm Desktops:

As the desktop is known as the first screen, mobiles are the second screen that is mostly used by the people around the world. The trend now has been reversed. The use of cell phones has surpassed the use of desktop gadgets. The year 2015 was a big year for mobile as Google announced that mobile traffic finally overtook desktop traffic and it was also the year they released the “Mobilegeddon” algorithm update to point out sites not optimized for mobile. But apparently, there’re more chances of advancement in that way. In the way of online marketing, the cell phones will introduce several new features to generate more revenue.

Digital Assistants Will Prompt Another Kind of Optimization:

The two highly popular strategies for getting your website seen by unknown visitors are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. But the rise of digital assistants will prompt another kind of optimization. The key to optimizing new format is to ensure your business information is easily open to these assistants, instead of attempting to funnel people to your site particularly. These digital assistants use conventional web search tools to find information present on the web.

Virtual Reality Will Come Into View:

Virtual reality has potential to enhance the way we tell stories. And, there’re dozens of different virtual reality devices those are going to be released in this year (2016). These devices will bring forward a whole new medium of online marketing. Though the majority of virtual devices are being designed for video games, yet online marketing researchers are considering on its other uses.

Meta Description To be Used:

2016 is going to be a game changer in online marketing approach since numerous latest Online Marketing Trends have emerged which can get you a good business. Check some of them here.

Top 5 Online Marketing Trends Gearing Up To Rule in 2016

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