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Top 3 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2017

It is very important to stay updated in the world of internet and search engines. If you really wish to make and retain your web presence, make sure you ditch some SEO myths stated down here. Read on.

Every year Google, and several other search engines come up with their different updated algorithm. And with every change in Google’s algorithm, there comes the potential for a massive shift in the practice. Hence, making it a never ending task for the SEO experts, to stay ahead of the curve!

The worst case occurs when you’re not involved in SEO day-to-day. If you are among the same list, you might be aware how difficult it would be to keep your online presence up-to-date. It is not one or two steps to be followed. In fact, it is an entire process, which includes both, reading and understanding of the most recent development, and utilizing them in your strategy and plans.

Meanwhile, it is worth noticing that situation tends to get even tougher with misinformation and misunderstanding. Yes, it has been found that people, who work without knowing what is good for their website, lose their presence drastically. While it is important to ensure what stand best for you to increase your online traffic and enquiries, it is more essential to learn about the common SEO myths which you seriously you need to debunk in 2017;

MYTH#1: Rank #1

It is vital for you to know that there is nothing like #1 in the world of Rank Brain. Focusing more on the conversion rate optimization, instead of trying to show up everywhere, it is necessary to rank well for the desired audience. Basically, the results are made of search keyword and specific user attributes, inclusive of user location, search history, language etc. Thus, the results are not uniform and to rank for everything need not to be an essential goal. You have to understand that wrong audience can increase the bounce rate and expand your server needs, that too without getting you closer to desired business goals.

MYTH#2: More Pages Means Better Results

Beware! This idea will seriously fall back. And the reason is putting on quantity over quality. When you have a high bounce rate, it is a key indicator of one or more factors, usability issues, poor site design, and so on. Remember, you need to evaluate the analytics and add custom content, if you wish to increase your site’s performance.

MYTH#3: EMD Help Rank For a Desired Keyword

Try to understand that no one really uses exact match domains anymore. It was a practice ten years ago, just to get better rankings. Another one to be noticed here is redirecting many EMD to your website. It is high time; you really need to stop buying spammy looking domains.

In case, you have some other ideas, share here, and tell us how it has worked for you and your business.

Top 3 SEO Myths You Should Leave Behind in 2017

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