Say Goodbye to Google’s Ad on Right Side from SERPs

With Google, the only constant is change, it will now only show ads at the top and bottom of the SERP. This change only impacts desktop, although whether the amount of ads shown to mobile users will increase hasn’t been confirmed.

If you’re wondering why Google is making this change to its search results, the reason for this change may be because “Google has determined the average click-through-rate for Right Hand Side Ads is poor across verticals, and the expected CPC inflation from this major change is projected to more profitable in the long run.”

Now with less space on the side of SERPs for ads, Brands will place more emphasis on Organic Search Rankings. Ranking on the first results page will become even more difficult and as organic results get squeezed and bumped down, the importance of consistently using long-tail, relevant keywords increases.

With Google’s recent changes to the SERPs, creating and executing an effective SEO and digital marketing strategy will play an even more significant role in ensuring your business’ success as 2016 continues on.

Say Goodbye to Google’s Ad on Right Side from SERPs

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