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Insight on SEO 2016 and its Role In 2017

When it came to Google and SEO, 2016 was an intense year. 2016 has been rife with so much happening in SEO. Lots of new SEO trends already took off this year.

Webmasters had to upgrade their strategies to include Google’s accelerated mobile pages, featured snippets, and the biggest shuffle of them all: penguin 4.0 and its real time updates. Below mentioned are the lessons learnt from the past year:

Google is Shaking Things Up:

In the effort to give an ultimate user experience, Google is always making tweaks to its algorithm. This year, we had a couple with the major ones being the mobile friendly algorithm boost, divided index and Penguin 4.0. These steady shifts mean that you will require staying ahead of the curve if you wish to rank well.

Industry is Growing:

As search engines and users continue to evolve, SEO will persistent to become a specialised industry requiring more data, knowledge, experience and tools. So, in the coming year for continued success get ready to keep your skills sharp.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

It seems that everyone is busy developing an AI system and yes, we cannot control it but we can learn how Google is using it and adjust the SEO efforts consequently.

As the new year has already begun it’s time to move on from the past and look forward to what 2017 will bring to the impulsive world of SEO.

Now Let’s Have a Look at What Are The Top 3 SEO Trends For 2017 and Beyond:

Among the main trends identified by experts is optimization for mobile, quality and epic content, voice search, micro formats and artificial intelligence.

Technical SEO (AMP pages, Mobile apps SEO) is becoming important nowadays. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence as the trend, content in future might end up being generated by machines.

It is important to optimize for micro formats and local SEO. Whether it’s long or short form content, it has to be an epic one. With YouTube being the second largest search engine, video is on the rise.

Some of The Important Trends in Response To SEO Are Given Below:


  • Optimize For User Intent, Not Keywords: 

In a way, keywords are still a big deal but it’s more about giving answers to search queries directly instead of using traditional On-page SEO which means your content needs to be delivered on the promise made in your headlines & Meta descriptions as well. On the other hand, Google will sometimes use its own headline and Meta description too. Keep your focus not just on user experience, but the usability of contents too. The easier you make it for the people to put the information to use, the better you will see the results.

  • Links Still Have Mileage Left:

Links still play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. Quality has been important for a while now, but it’s going to be even more important as the time goes on. Creating content that’s geared to earn links is the way to go. It’s not just about using tactics that work now rather it’s all about what will work in future.

  • Page Load Times Will Become More Important: 

As mobile searches continue to increase, we’ll see page loading time become a more important ranking factor. The good news is that hosting technology has been getting better and leveraging Google AMP to accelerate mobile loading time is simpler than ever.

The Best SEO Tools of 2017 Are Here as Under:

Marketers use top search engine optimization (SEO) tools for web crawling, keyword, position monitoring, research and more to help businesses gather SEO data, rank higher, and executing effective digital marketing practices.

Every business no matter what the size or industry is and every website usually includes product and services listing it wants to sell. Most of the companies have other WebPages devoted to targeted content the organization needs surfaced more prominently in Google search result as compared to its competitors.

Breaking Down The SEO Tool Landscape:

This roundup entails 10 SEO tools such as: AWR cloud, Ahrefs, deep crawl, link research tools, KWfinder.com, majestic, spyfuu, moz pro and SEMrush. The primary function of KWfinder.com, Moz pro, SEMrush and spyfu falls under keyword focused SEO.

These cloud based self service tools have various other unique optimization features as well such as search position monitoring, AWR cloud and search metrics as well. Others such as interactive data visualizations, granular customizable report return on investment (ROI) metrics, spyfu and link research tools that are all set towards online marketing and accomplishing sales goals.

More Live Video:

Indeed, nothing can compare the Internet’s favourite sparkling new toy. Yes, it’s live video which has entered the market with new offerings. These days, Twitter (Via periscope), YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have all released offers for users spread worldwide.

Many of the social networks are promoting live videos on a big scale and this is something which will stand out in the saturated world of content. So, we have many reasons why brands big or small would get this new tech change involved in their digital marketing stuff.

Increased Personalization:

SEO Personalization

Seeing the personalization of Netflix, Spotify and Amazon it shows how data can be effectively used to enhance the customer experience. Big data has many uses like customized customer experience and marketing. This level of one-to-one marketing will become even more prevalent since brands will find new ways of introducing it into their messaging stuff.

When it comes to marketing, data has been effectively used for the enjoyable campaigns happening around.

Henceforth, there are plenty of other digital marketing strategies and trends that will remain at the focus of customer’s attention and search engine giants too. So, keep your eyes open wide and keep following the best search engine optimization and other digital marketing strategies that will always keep you ahead of the unique cure of marketing success. What do you think about the role of online marketing in 2017? Let us know your thoughts…

Insight on SEO 2016 and its Role In 2017

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