Important Question – Asked Before Hiring an SEO Company

You would agree with me when I say that while purchasing a thing as small as a Shoe we have many questions in our mind. We never go just by the looks, many questions do arise like is the  shoe made of good leather?  Will it be easy for daily wear? Will it be durable enough? So when buying a small thing like Shoe, we have a bunch of questions just to be sure that we receive the best product, then why not be prepared with a few questions, we should be asking an SEO expert prior to committing his services.

Let’s start by discussing these questions, So that you can completely understand what you want from the company and How to take successful steps?.

How much experience do they have in the same field?

Experience is one of the major factors that you need to consider while hiring an SEO company. The company who has expertise in the same field, will be able to provide you surprising result. Always consider an experienced staff rather than naive that increase the risk of the money wastage.

Should they share the information of their past clients?

The Second thing you need to ask is, to share the references and information of the past clients. The reputed companies will be free to share this information without any restrictions. Apart from  past client information, you need to consider other things also such as reviews and testimonials, for measuring the quality of services that they provide.

Should they be guaranteeing result?

The question is very important to ask because most of the companies commit result oriented approach, but in the last phase of the procedure, they fail to provide the same. Hence, it is important to get the guarantee about the result or ranking that they commit at the beginning.

How will they improve your search engine ranking?

SEO is all about ranking the website on the top search engines, that’s why this question is necessary to ask. To improve the website’s ranking, what hard work and additional efforts  will  they put in.

What is the time estimation for that?

The time consumed by the SEO company is an important thing that you need to ask. But, no one can ensure you about fixed time that they need for the SEO process. Companies can provide you an idea about the time estimation after analyzing your website.

Which tools and strategies do they use?

Search engine optimization is a very broad procedure and it is difficult to get detailed information about the techniques and tools that the SEO company uses. At that time, you had to ask for Google algorithms that they follow to get an idea about the tools and strategies used by the company.

How will they keep you informed of the changes, they make to your website?

If the company makes any changes while doing the On Page SEO then will they inform you about that or not. Because the exact information about the adjustment that the professional plans to make, is vital to know.

Do they prefer to follow Google’s best practices?

If you want that traffic growth to remain on your website for a long time period, then it is necessary to follow the google’s best practices. Every year, various algorithm updates are being launched by Google and it is vital for the professionals to keep themselves updated.

How will you communicate with each other?

For a successful  SEO campaign  you need to be connected with the company in order to share the  details and information. An excellent source of communication will help you with that. Always consider the best mode of communication for consistent availability and better results.

What are the SEO charges and mode of payment?

Now, the next question that comes in everyone’s mind and is necessary to ask is how much we need to pay and how to pay? SEO approach is generally based on packages that are made according to the services that you need. You can pay hourly, weekly, monthly or anything else by discussing it with the company and sometimes according to the company rules and payment structure.

In this, there is one other important thing that you need to know, the mode of the payment for the money transaction. And think whether that method is safe or not. If the method is not safe, then could they allow you to change it or not.

How do they  measure the success?

Think before hiring a company, are they capable to measure the success or not. If they ensure you about the same, then ask them at what basis they measure it and how much time they need for that?. Because the ranking is totally based on the success of the project.

Important Question – Asked Before Hiring an SEO Company

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