6 Signs That SEO Company is Making Baseless Promises

Choosing an SEO company for your business is crucial. You want to make sure that the agency you choose is able to provide you good results. But finding the right one is challenging due to the presence of plethora of inexperienced and fraudulent companies. They make big promises which are often baseless and empty. Reject the company straightway if you heard these false promises from their side:

Guaranteed Rankings:

It is common to see that most of the SEO companies promise you guaranteed results. “Guaranteed #1 ranking on Google” or “Guaranteed #1 ranking on all search engines” is nothing but an unrealistic and false promise. No one can give you a #1 ranking, not even Google. In fact, Google itself warns you against such companies. The only route to get top ranking is to pay for it through Adwords.

Overnight or Quick Results:

Like guaranteed results, no one can give you instant results. Definitely, you want to see the results as soon as possible, but keep in mind that SEO doesn’t produce overnight result. SEO takes time and it depends on the skills and the knowledge of your agency. You have to win over the trust of search engine, create quality content while following genuine SEO practices.

Therefore, stay away from the agencies claiming to take your rankings on the top within weeks.

Secret Strategies:

Make sure your SEO agency tell you about their strategies they are planning for your website. In other words, your SEO agency should work with transparency. If they are not telling you about their strategies, they are probably keeping you in dark—wasting your money and time as well.

Free Trial Services:

Free trial services may work well with product and services, but not with SEO. This is because you can’t achieve results in short span of time, say 30 days. An agency has to gain adequate data for a successful campaign. You need to keep the track of the competitor strategies. Meanwhile, there is a keyword research task.

And 30 days are not enough to execute all these things in a right way.

Again, SEO takes time, effort to improve your site rankings.

Giving You the Lowest Quote for Highest Quality Services:

If you are getting heavier discounts on SEO services, you must be alarmed. The agency might be cutting corners on the quality, meaning that they are not putting required efforts in your campaign. It also means that cheaper SEO agency may use automated software and tools, instead of the skilled resources on your projects. Therefore, you must put your money on the experienced and the reputed SEO agency to achieve the long term results.

Website Optimizing Software:

There are many SEO companies out there which provide website optimization software helping you get top ranking. Is that true?

No, not all. This is not the way SEO works. There is no magic tool that can improve your website’s ranking.


So, these are the signs of SEO firms making false and baseless promises. Be alert and move ahead to find the reliable SEO company for your business.

6 Signs That SEO Company is Making Baseless Promises

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