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6 Essential Things to Build Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

With the powerful influence of social media outlets, it is important for every business to promote themselves on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. But had social media been so easy, every brand would be Fortune 500 Company, Right? Making an account doesn’t matter, unless you use the right tactics to grow your audience, choose the right platform and know the art of generating leads.

Here we’ve come up with the things you must use for the scalability of your brand by using the right social media marketing platforms.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform:


First and foremost, you need to choose the right social media platform to start your campaign. This is because majority of social media outlets are not worth contributing your efforts, time and resources. Therefore, you must consider several things while choosing the social media platform.

Various Social Media Platforms
Choose the Right Social Media Platform

For example, LinkedIn makes great choice for your B2B organization. A recent study by HubSpot tells that LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective than Facebook and Twitter. But that doesn’t mean you sideline Facebook or Twitter.

Starting from Facebook, it is the best outlet to promote your brands as 75 percent of Americans use this site. For your technology or IT products, you can give priority to Google Plus as 68 percent of users are men, majority of whom are belonging to the technical professions. If your target audience is women, you must focus on Pinterest.

Use Hashtags:


Hashtags are useful to give your posts maximum exposure as they take your posts to the potential customers out of your followers list. So, you must use one or two hashtags in your posts. But avoid using too many hash tags in a sentence as it may be unreadable to the audience. Make sure to keep your hashtags relevant and easily searchable.

Buildup the Networks:


You must socialize if you want to make the maximum of your social media platforms. Building up communities and interacting with your followers can be good for your brand.

Create Engaging Content:


Content can make or break your marketing campaign. A good and compelling content attract customer to click over the post, otherwise your post may not earn a single click for weeks.

How to create an engaging content? That is a million dollars question, but not a rocket science. First, understand your audience and your product’s importance for them. If you do that, rest will be easy for you. Make sure to use call to action and killer one liners.

Customer Interaction is Important:


Customer Interaction
Customer Interaction Plays Important Role

Most of the brands don’t take it necessary to respond over the user’s comment. But it is important step to make the audience feel that you care for him or her. Resolve your customer’s queries or answer their comments. Yes, it may be exhaustive to reply each or query comment, but at least you can sort out the important ones or respond to the comments when they are few. At least, you can say thanks or nice.

Use Facebook Cover to Promote Your Events:


Use your Facebook Cover page to promote events or sale you’ve organized. A big banner will catch the eye of the user. Make sure to keep the content and image of the cover appealing.

So these are the tips to build your brand with social media marketing. All it needs your skill, patience, and a dedication to keep your customer happy and informed.

6 Essential Things to Build Your Brand with Social Media Marketing

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