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3 Reasons Why You Need Accelerated Mobile Pages!

Without a doubt web is continuously evolving, and the trend tends to continue. And for this reason Google too has made it clear that in the coming time it is going to push the limits further and further.

As far as the latest updates are considered, these particularly indicate towards revitalizing the mobile user experience. Certainly, you might have heard about the Accelerated Mobile Pages. In simple language it is an all new way to serve up content quicker on the mobile devices. Truly, the Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is an evolution for the mobile user experience. Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits.

Bounce Rate Reduction:

Surely, no one likes a higher bounce rate. Reason is clear, just imagine when people visit your site and hang around for a few seconds, and then they visit some other place. Why? Obviously there is something wrong. Something is lacking which could inspire them to hang around for a while. One reason could be that the site is just too darned slow. So, AMP comes to rescue and help loading your pages in a flash. Now, your users will have one less reason to run away.

Must Have for Mobile SEO:

If you really wish your site to rank well, it is a must have to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly. For this all you need is AMP- the latest iteration for a mobile-friendly design. Simply, AMP makes your pages and blog posts load in a faster manner on mobile devices. Hence, promising better user experience, meanwhile ensuring a good reason to rank your site in the mobile search engine results pages (SERPs).

To add here, it’s not just about the organic ranking. In fact, your site might be featured at the very top of the SERPs!

Monetizing is Feasible:

You must have come across some sites which are agonizingly slow? And the reason behind is that they’re loaded up with ad technology. Definitely, users are not at all pleased with such websites. Increase in ads might help you to generate more revenue, but in the process, the load time increase is caused due to these ads making people run away. It leads to less revenue in the long run.

So, enter now in the world of AMP and gain benefits from the design with ad monetization in mind. How?

The idea is that even the mobile pages, including those with an abundance of ads, will now load quickly. So, you mobile users won’t have any reasons to install ad blockers.

So, in case you haven’t updated your web presence, don’t make any further delays. Get, set and go!

3 Reasons Why You Need Accelerated Mobile Pages!

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