As social media marketing has become one of the most important factors in the online business success, Dexdel help you to expand and engage your audience with social media marketing across the world. To do it consistently, we share the right ideas and content on your social media campaign. It is a practice of making sure a company has a solid presence on major social networking sites to increase brand visibility and broaden their customer reach.

Our social media marketing service will positively impact on your brand awareness, reputation, customer relationship, customer service and sale. We will help your visitors gain an understanding of your brand and what you exactly offer.

Importance of Social Media Marketing in Business

  • Improve responsiveness
  • Effective marketing
  • Interaction with target marketing
  • Find customers
  • Online presence
  • Business Growth
  • Branding and Communication
  • Competition

Social Media Marketing Process

Through our social media marketing process, your business gets a social media marketing campaign that is specifically tailored to your business goals. This is a strategic process and powerful tool for both gaining and retaining clients.

Phase 1 # Research

Learn about the client's website and business goals along with all detailed information, in order to create appropriate information to be used throughout other stages of the project.

Phase 2 # Strategy

Make a comprehensive social media marketing strategy and plan to create the best social media business campaign across networks. Moreover, we create a profile strategy, content strategy and advertising strategy, according to your business need.

Phase 3 # Execution

To hit business campaign goal, execute recommendations from the profile strategy and content strategy. Distribute content to appropriate networks and interact with users across networks.

Phase 4 # Analysis

Analysis campaign performance, goal tracking and adjust the project plan based on the results. Moreover provide monthly or weekly reports according to client's requirement, that consists present status of goals, campaign metrics, tasks completed, and plan for the next month.

What DexDel offer?

We identify the most profitable things from your social media channel for your better business growth, such as.

  • Engaging in social media to gain new customers
  • Promote your brand and its products through social channels
  • Improve Brand Visibility
  • Increase sale
  • Contribute content through social media platform
  • Provide an instant customer service
  • Establish a social presence

We do not sell you anything you do not want, we only sell the services according to your website need and performance. Instead of trying to defeat the steep learning curve, let us handle or manage your social media campaigns in a right way.



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